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Having these sweet Thai chili #wings @buffalowingsandrings was such a treat. The sauce was perfect. #eattheburbs #eattheburbsblog via Instagram @EatTheBurbs

This is reason # 1537 why I love the suburbs, cheaper gas. I filled up today for 3.29/gal #eattheburbs #gasprices #gas #chicagosuburbs #chicago #eattheburbsblog via Instagram @EatTheBurbs

7 Cocktails That You Must-Try… (2014 Guide)

Sometimes a great cocktail is just what you need in order to take a good meal to the next level.  We’ve highlighted some of the best cocktails in Fox Valley.  Check’em out the next that you visit one ...

Eat The Burbs Does the AP Music Series – Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae at the Taste of Chicago and a chance to hang out with the fine folks of the Illinois lottery? I’m there! I was lucky enough to be invited to attend an Anything’s Possible Music Series ...

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This watermelon feta and quinoa salad is ridiculously good. #APMusicSeries #eattheburbs vip for @janellemonae #eattheburbsblog via Instagram @EatTheBurbs

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Mmmm Shrimp. @ho7naperville just 1 of seven delicious courses tonight #eattheburbs #eattheburbsblog via Instagram @EatTheBurbs  

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