What Exactly is Eat The Burbs anyway?

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Eat The Burbs is the premier food, review, and lifestyle blog in the Chicago Suburbs.  Over the years we have cultivated a social community of food lovers, restaurateurs, and entrepreneurs that are committed to seeing Suburban businesses thrive.  The blog began out of the necessity for a local foodie and mom to keep a fresh list of new places to try in the Suburbs to entice her family and friends to try ‘Suburban Eats‘.  It has since blossomed into a community resource and lifestyle blog of sorts with a strong focus on food.  You’ll find info on restaurants and products, alongside topics such as theater, food trends, and tech gadgets.  We love to share our finds with our growing community of food lovers.  

Meet the Editor

Eat The Burbs founding foodie, Rachell, spent the better part of twenty years in technology management and analytics. She is a geek and most importantly a wife and mom, always on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities for her family. Rachell enjoys traveldining out, and shopping, especially for kitchen gadgets. She hasn’t met an appliance that she doesn’t like.

As the mom of both teen and tot boys, she knows a thing or two about anime, sports and video games. Her youngest son, Tiny Tot, has quite a few food and environmental allergies so she cooks at home daily, mostly from scratch. Cooking has always been a big part of her life, she always dreamed of being a restaurant chef, so the things she cooks for her family range from uber simple to crazy elaborate. The addiction to housewares comes in handy when she is creating meals at home.

Rachell loves trying new restaurants, going to local events and showing her kids the world.  If you would like to reach her please email Rachell@eattheburbs.com, she usually responds pretty quickly.

She is open to partnerships and creating sponsored content to promote brands and causes that she believes in. PR Friendly.

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Food Lover. Travel Snob. Gadget Addict. Introverted Comedian. Community Leader.