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  • Post published:November 20, 2013

So in the past week I’ve gone to two wine tastings at grocery stores in the suburbs.  Now before you start thinking that I have a little bit of a sippy problem, I don’t, but…am I alone in thinking that these liquor/wine tastings at grocery stores are just another name for a clandestine mom’s night out?  There were so many mom-friends out ‘shopping’ in little groups, while their families were home clueless.

Now, if you’re like me you are a working stiff or WAHM that also has to take care of the cooking, some cleaning, and caring for your children so when it’s time to go to the grocery store you get a little too excited.  A trip to the grocery store can be one of the highlights of your week sometimes, especially if you are totally obsessed with food (like me).  Well the damn grocery stores are total marketing geniuses and they have figured out a way to lure me in with the promise of a sippy poo followed by me buying extra shit because my inhibitions are null and freaking void. It’s worked twice this week and countless times before.

What about you, have you been to these ‘tastings’ at the grocery store? Were you able to stick to your budget after having free booze?