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  • Post published:February 14, 2019

Marcus Samuelsson Recipes at Home

Celebrity Chef Marcus Samuelsson gives us the recipe for a delicious Valentine’s Day dinner at home. As many long time readers know, I’m a total introvert so the hubs and I do not go out to eat on big holidays. We would rather enjoy a romantic night at home after putting the kids to bed.

Hibiscus Tea Recipe with Scallops

Chef Samuelsson to the rescue with just the perfect dish to prepare at home. My husband’s favorite thing to eat is scallops, so chef graciously hopped on video chat to give me a quick recipe using scallops and hibiscus tea from Pure Leaf, with whom he has a partnership.

He also shared a bonus recipe for his ValenThyme’s mocktail that can easily be turned into a cocktail using gin.


Dry Scallops Vs Wet Scallops

As you heard, he mentions dry scallops in the video. You may be wondering, what are dry scallops? I did a little digging to find out if the difference between wet and dry scallops was just the use of a paper towel.  😆 Cook’s Illustrated does a great job explaining how phosphates are used. Interesting stuff!

What about you?

Are you team ‘date night in’ or ‘date night out’ for Valentines Day? We want to know. 

#DateNI or #DateNO

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