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  • Post published:November 15, 2013

On to The Dawson

Meeting up with friends that are city socialites at a restaurant that was just opened the night before, should be fun, right? It was.

Again we score kick-ass parking on the next block and waltz in to wait for our friends.  I can be a bit of a recluse at times so instead of sitting at the bar this time we went outside to sit near the fireplace.  It was completely empty so I was happy, got a few smooches in by the fireplace, then our friends showed up.  They weren’t as impressed by the fireplace considering it was only 45 degrees outside so we went indoors to wait for our table to be cleaned (whole wait was about 15 minutes total, not bad).

We were seated and given menus.  I believe that there were at least a couple of different versions of the menu for that night because my menu was different from everyone else at the table, which I was fine with considering mine had more options on it.  I don’t think everyone else was so pleased with that though.  My hubs made sure to include on our reservation that it was my birthday so it was a sweet gesture when the waiter told me happy birthday, along with the hostess, and a few other staff members.  We ordered cocktails to start, I ordered the liquid swords which was a sake cocktail with prosecco and orange bitters, it was tasty.  Moving on to the entrees, we decided to skip appetizers since we pre-gamed at Tanta, I took the easy route since I was already kinda full and ordered an oyster po-boy, the hubs ordered the Wood-grilled pork jowl burger.  The entrees were well planned but considering it was opening weekend, I don’t think the restaurant has gotten its timing down quite yet.  The bread, oysters, and cocktail sauce had excellent flavor, but my sandwich was cold.  My hubs had the burger and again the work that went into picking flavors was evident, the pickled peppers were AMAZING but the burger, although ordered medium was pink but dry.  We’d both be willing to go back to The Dawson and order our entrees again in a couple of months when they find their rhythm because everything that we tried was well thought out, the flavor profiles were good, but the timing between the kitchen and the table weren’t right.  We ordered a funnel cake for dessert, it was a fun choice, and it came to the table warm, which I was happy about!! I’d definitely order that again, although I’m surprised that wasn’t comped for my birthday, but that’s probably just me being a spoiled ass brat.

The highlight of our night was meeting Chef Rene as we were leaving, very nice guy, another reason to pay them a visit again in a couple months.

My birthday was awesome-sauce. We got great parking, I had some drinks, ate well, and had good company. Back to the suburbs for me…