Often a daytime date is the best choice for a couple that is short on time or looking to avoid crowded spaces during traditional date night hours. That’s exactly what my husband and I do when an evening date just won’t do. You may have found this article after reading some of our other posts about making date night a priority with your husband, wife, or significant other.

No doubt, you’re looking for some ideas so without having you read along any further here you go.  😉

6 Day Date Ideas Across the Chicago Burbs

➡ From Beers to Nature, there’s a little bit of it all on this list.

The upscale Burr Ridge Village Center is one of my favorite places to catch a bite and shop. This is where my husband and I will stop in for a lunch time day date when I need a little retail therapy. We've visited this location of Coopers Hawk Winery several times and if you follow @EatTheBurbs on Instagram, then you've probably seen me post photos there. As for the stores I visit, it totally depends on the day, but Gymboree and Barbara's Bookstore are two favorites.

TIP: Beat the crowd and go for an insanely early dinner at 3pm.

If cooking classes are something that you've been wanting to try then Sur La Table is a great day date idea. In my opinion cooking classes are ALWAYS a good idea, so my husband has surprised me with classes a few times. I think that the way Sur La Table does them is great for couples, the classes are kept pretty intimate so you get plenty of hands on time and attention from the instructor.

Surrounded by Beauty!

Surrounded by Beauty!

If you or your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend are into nature or photography then you'll want to visit Cantigny Park or Cantigny Golf. It's a great day date idea whether you have tons of time to spend there or just a couple of hours. Be sure to visit the onsite restaurant and coffee shop too.

TIP: Check their website before visiting. They are currently revamping the grounds and museums, so take a peek for open times and days per attraction.

The guided estate tour was one of the best day date ideas ever. It is nice and quick too, less than 2 hours and if your husband or wife is into architecture or historical landmarks then Mayslake Peabody Estate is sure to please them. It definitely feels tucked away and secluded, which I love.



We stumbled upon this locally owned craft beer retail shop and tap room during there opening week a couple of years back. The concept was new to the area at the time, stop in have an awesome beer, cider, or sour and shop around for an awesome bottle or keg to take home. I was completely sold on the idea after our first visit. If you love to talk beer or want to see what's new, then this is a fantastic day date idea, spend as much or as little time as you'd like.

One of the most famous architecture tours ever is of the Frank Lloyd Wright sites in Oak Park and Chicago. Specifically, I love the home and studio tour. I was allowed to take photos and we got to learn more about Frank Lloyd Wright. Definitely a must visit and it was just a little longer than 2 hours.


My husband and I have enjoyed visiting all of these places over the years and I hope that you will too. Recently we also got the grandparents to keep the kiddos while we did a weekend staycation in Oak Brook, you can read more about it here. It’s a must, when and if time permits. As busy, working parents we don’t date as often as we’d like, so every outing is super special.


Have an idea you’d like to see added to this list? Leave a comment below or reach out on Facebook and you just may see it in an upcoming article.  🙂 

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