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  • Post published:September 17, 2016

When The Domestic Geek gives you the scoop on how to make the perfect cup of coffee you know your day is off to a good start!

Today Sara Lynn of The Domestic Geek and Youtube is going to show us how to brew great coffee at home using the auto-drip coffee maker and French press that you probably already have. Sarah is known for sharing great tips and tricks on how to create delicious recipes the easy way.

During our interview we talked about a bunch of stuff…So how do you make cold brew coffee at home? She shows us how in this video. I also get her to dish on whether she is a Hot or Iced coffee girl. Check it.

It was such a pleasure speaking with Sarah both on and off camera, it’s easy to see why her Youtube channel is well on its way to the first million subscribers.

Special thanks to Folgers Coffee for giving us the chance to chat.