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Food Trucks to Roll into Oswego soon…(2015)

OSWEGO, IL – A Foodie-Centric Food Truck Arena will be opening soon, maybe as early as late August, according to its owners. 


Oswego residents Kandra Witkowski and her husband Randy plan to open Eat Street Oswego at 55 South Main Street, Oswego, IL. They still have to go through zoning and before the village board according to Kandra.

Dedicated to supporting a community of burgeoning food lovers, the owners of ‘Eat Street Oswego’ recently purchased the land and are working with an engineer to create a space where a rotating list of food trucks will be invited to park and sell goods in the Downtown Oswego area.

Ideally they are looking to add a driveway space for multiple food trucks to park, adjacent to a grassy area for patrons to sit and enjoy.

“We’ll get a bunch of picnic tables with umbrellas so people can either grab food on the go or eat and enjoy the downtown area,” said Witkowski.

They are also hoping to host ‘cook-offs’ and bands.

The food truck business has exploded all over the country, with most food truck owners constantly looking for new places to sell. I think it’s great that Oswego will be getting in on the action.

The residents of Oswego believe in small business and they have been very vocal about their desire to see more locally owned food businesses in the area.

It looks like Kandra and Randy are looking to please the palates of many in Oswego and the surrounding areas. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that everything goes well, I’m sure we’d all love to see something like this open very soon in the Far Western Suburbs.


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photo via Eat Street Facebook

photo via Eat Street Facebook

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