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  • Post published:July 12, 2014

Janelle Monae at the Taste of Chicago and a chance to hang out with the fine folks of the Illinois lottery? I’m there!

I was lucky enough to be invited to attend an Anything’s Possible Music Series (#apmusicseries) concert with the Illinois Lottery at the Taste of Chicago. Let me just say, the folks at the Lottery know how to party. The concert opened with Gary Clark Jr (GCJ), who prior to this I had only seen once before on TV, this dude ROCKS. The things that GCJ does with a guitar and a microphone are unreal. I immediately told my husband that no matter when GCJ comes back to Chicago, we have to go see him, he is a total hall pass in my book. After rocking out with GCJ, it was time for Janelle Monae to hit the stage.

In true JM fashion, she is rolled to the stage strapped to a gurney and wearing a straight jacket. In her signature black and white outfits she hit the stage with so much energy performing songs from her last two albums along with some classics from the likes of the Jackson Five and James Brown. I was already a fan of her music, but Janelle’s stage show has cemented me. If you’re a fan of good music like I am keep up with the Anything’s Possible Music Series sponsored by the Illinois Lottery and get out there and enjoy live music. You enter to win prized and find out more about the #apmusicseries here >>> http://bit.ly/1mGmUaE

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