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  • Post published:August 27, 2016

Finding fun things to do as a family when you have both a teen and a tot can be hard. Really though, teens hate everything and tots only care about Chuck E. Cheese, am I right?

chuck e cheese wink

Most of my readers already know that my tot has a ton of food allergies, so I try to find family fun that is void of food. It can be tricky as hell to please everyone but this Momma has tricks up her sleeve.

Enter Escape Rooms. Some of you may have heard of or even visited an escape room since they have exploded all over the city and Chicago suburbs in the past year. Escape Rooms are very much like a live action video game, there is a time limit and a quest! Sounds like fun right? Just like video games, there are escape rooms of all types, from horror themed to military themed. Essentially your group will be locked in a room for a set amount of time and you’ll have to figure out a puzzle within that time frame in order to win the game.

Recently my family and I were invited to check out the newly opened Escape Brigade in Des Plaines. Let me start by saying, we had so much fun! There were 10 of us in my group including both my teen and preschooler. I won’t share too much about the details of this room, because part of the fun is being surprised by the storyline. What I will say is everyone was able to participate, my preschooler was ecstatic when he was able to help solve pieces of the puzzle.

Chicago Suburbs Escape Brigade

Escape Brigade is located in THE MOST unique building ever, it literally looks like a Green White House, tucked away near an office park; there really isn’t any signage pointing out Escape Brigade, which I found odd at first. My opinion changed after completing the room, I ended up loving the fact that this place is hidden from plain sight, it made everything even more intriguing. Everything felt top secret and tucked away, I’m not sure if that was intentional or not but it surely heightened the experience for us.

While we were there we also got the scoop on a second room with a different theme that the Escape Brigade owners are working on, I cannot wait to visit them again.

With the exception of the horror themed rooms around the city and suburbs my family and I have visited and plan to visit more rooms. We are a family of gamers so Escape Rooms have been a fantastic addition to our family outings!

My teen has been telling me how cool I am lately so I’ve been feeling just like this. Mom Jeans and all.

cool mom jeans

What about you, have you visited an escape room yet? Any favorites?


*We received a complimentary Escape Brigade experience for the purpose of review, no compensation was received. All opinions are my own.