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  • Post published:January 16, 2014

Declaration: I love ethnic grocery stores!! 

Having a craving for my favorite guava candy and not having money in the budget to go to Tairyo in Lisle, Il for hibachi just to get said favorite candy when they give me the bill, I decided to hit up the ‘Asian Food Store’ in Aurora, Il.  Since dinner at Tairyo is usually about 50 bucks and a bag of this addictive candy was only 3 bucks at the ‘Asian Food Store’ I’d say I did the right thing for my budget and my sweet tooth.

While there I also checked out these other goodies:


 I love prawn crackers but I’m curious about the coconut jam, anyone tried it? It’s an import from the Philippines and it contains muscovado sugar which I’ve never had.

Since peanuts are a no-no in my home (kids with allergies) I had to leave the Lily’s at the store but I did buy a disgusting number of bags of prawn crackers!!! Nom, Nom, Nom.

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