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A Day at the Golf Course Learning How To #FeedaBee

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Crop Science, a division of Bayer, all opinions are mine.

I love honey, probably more than the average person, especially since I’ve been focusing on using natural alternatives to sugar in my home and I love sweets 😜. Recently I was invited to tour Cantigny Golf Course in Wheaton to learn more about the Feed a Bee program that they are a part of.

Cantigny Feed a Bee Care

Cantigny is a beautiful 27-hole public golf course and park that incorporates lush prairie grassland and flowers native to Illinois that are pollinator friendly. The golf course grounds are literally the perfect place to support honeybees and other pollinators. In his 20-plus year tenure, Scott Witte, Director of Agronomy at Cantigny, his staff and volunteers have made a very strong commitment to the environment. Already a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary for decades, their commitment to honeybees further shows their dedication to being environmental stewards.

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During our tour we were given an inside look at the habitat that has been designed to promote pollination, including a look inside a beehive and a fantastic two course meal at onsite restaurant Le Jardin utilizing some of the honey created by the thriving bee population. I learned so much while on the tour, like the fact that a hive of bees ends up flying about 55,000 miles in order to make one pound of honey and that one-third of all the food we eat is dependent upon pollination.

After getting so close to the beehives and noticing how docile they seem, I wondered if there had been any instances where golfers had been stung since the hives were started back in 2010. Scott was happy to report that to date there hadn’t been any golfers stung and quite a few golfers that visit the course are interested in learning more about the bees and butterflies that they see on the outskirts of the course.

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Bayer Bee Care launched the Feed A Bee initiative in March 2015 and since then more than 100,000 people have joined them in planting more than 150 million flowers; that number is growing on a daily basis.

My day at Cantigny was so much fun and even more so informative. If you want to get involved checkout the Feed A Bee website for more info, there’s also a Tweet a Bee Feed a Bee campaign happening on twitter too. All of the info is on their site.

They sell some of the honey and beeswax products including lip balm and candles, the profits along with grants and partnerships help to support environmental programs at the Golf Course. Be sure to stop in for some swag at the gift shop if you visit the park or the course.

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Again, a Thank You is in order for Crop Science, a division of Bayer, for sponsoring my visit.

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