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  • Post published:March 14, 2016
When you order your Pad See Eiw extra spicy because you think you’re a G. The spice level kicked my ass and I loved every moment. 😲👊🔥 I order Pad See Eiw at every Thai restaurant I try, this is the first time the heat punched me in the throat, if you like the traditional sweet taste of Pad See Eiw then I beg you not to ask to make it Thai spicy. They don’t play around, they have 3 spice levels, med, spicy, and Thai spicy. #eattheburbs in #Naperville via @eattheburbs on Instagram Follow along to see where we eat next. —> http://www.instagram.com/eattheburbs
Chicago Suburbs Khao Suay Thai Naperville