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When you’re the mom of two boys that are a decade apart, you have to be creative when planning outings for family fun. Enter Medieval Times Chicago via Schaumburg to the rescue. My family and I have visited the castle several times over the years and it’s always enjoyable.

It checks all the boxes for us…

The meal has Big Portions of Food for Me – Check

Interesting Props and Swords for the Teen – Check

A great storyline, sword-fight and jousting scenes for Dad, Tiny Tot and the rest – Check


I’ve been looking forward to visiting the castle since hearing that the King had passed the Kingdom on to his daughter, the new Queen of Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. I’d wondered if she’d made any changes to the games that the knights would be competing in or any other parts of the show.

*The Medieval Times team extended a rare invitation to my family and I to check out the show on them.

Off we went to kick off the Teens birthday festivities! Although if I had planned around it, we probably would have instead went for the Thanksgiving show.

Medieval Times Red Knight

Medieval Times Food Menu

If you have a big appetite, then the included 4 course meal will likely be one of your favorite parts of the dinner theater experience. There are no spoons, forks or knives and barely any light, so be prepared to get those hands dirty! It’s okay, they’ll pass out warm wipes for your hands and plenty of napkins.

  • Garlic Bread
  • Tomato Bisque Soup
  • Roasted Chicken (half a chicken for everyone, no tiny kids meals here folks)
  • Sweet Buttered Corn
  • Herb-basted Potatoes
  • Pastry of the Castle (We had Lemon Cake)
  • Soft Drinks (2 Rounds)
  • Coffee
  • Alcohol is available for purchase too! (Yaaaaaay for me)

If you are a vegetarian, eat a gluten free diet or even if you have food allergies like my child, please be sure to tell your (serf) waiter or (wench) waitress before they begin passing out the ginormous feast. For food allergies, they will bring you a list of possible allergens in the dishes and you can decide from there what, if anything, is safe for you to eat and what is not.

Medieval Times Dinner Menu

The New Queen at Medieval Times

If you haven’t been to Medieval Times Chicago before, here’s what to expect:


You can see the castle from Interstate 90 and it totally makes the anticipation explode as you exit the highway. Parking is included in the price of admission and the parking lot is huge. If you have someone with you that is not able to walk long distances, there is an area near the door where you are able to pull up and drop-off your friend or family member.

As you enter the castle you’ll check-in with the person in the cool costume near the door and they will direct you toward the appropriate line to get your tickets and table assignments. You’ll want to arrive before the time on your tickets. The doors open about 75 minutes beforehand and the line moves along rather quickly. Depending upon whether or not you purchased preferred seating you’ll be able to purchase family photos or have them included in your package.

The Lobby

By arriving early you’ll get to enjoy the huge lobby before entering the arena. In the lobby you can take a close look at the swords and other weaponry that is available for purchase. There is also a dungeon. My favorite part though is getting to look into the stall at the beautiful horses.

Upon entering the arena you will need to head to the section with the color that matches your table card and the host will direct you on where to sit. If you’ve paid to be seated in the first couple of rows be ready to get a SUPER close look at the knights and the horses. It’s an amazing view and worth the VIP upgrade in my opinion. Although there isn’t one bad seat in the house.

The Queen is introduced and so the show begins…

It’s super entertaining, but I won’t give any spoilers here.

Medieval Times Royalty Package

Medieval Times Dress Code

Be comfortable, the dress is casual. Trust me this isn’t the place for you to put on your highest heels and that dress that makes you feel like you’re wearing a strait jacket. Put on those yoga pants, dress the kids in their play clothes and be ready to have some fun and more importantly eat some FOOD.

Castle Pricing

You can find out current pricing on the Medieval Times website.

Medieval Times Chicago Address

2001 N Roselle Rd

Schaumburg, IL 60195

Phone: (847) 882-1496

Disclosure: We are so happy to partner with Medieval Times to bring you our opinion on the new show. This article was not compensated. 

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