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  • Post published:December 4, 2013

One weekend every November my siblings and I get together, cook, laugh, and celebrate the life and memories of our Mom who passed away several years ago due to lung cancer.  My house is the usual gathering place, since my bro (Unc Unc) and my sis (Tee Tee) like to spend time with the kids while I cook for everyone.  The kids love having them over for the weekend and my husband loves having unlimited video game time without me giving him the stink eye.  So all in all it’s a lot of family fun, just like my Mom would’ve wanted.

This particular ‘Moms Weekend’ my sister mentioned that she wanted to checkout a winery, needless to say I was in, doesn’t take much persuading.  I wasn’t in the mood to take the long drive to another local winery that I’m a member of so we decided to check out Fox Valley Winery.  I was excited to go since I’ve driven past so many times and usually I have the kids with me or just don’t have time to check it out.

After parking in their private lot, we walked in and were greeted after a minute or so.  I honestly think that the two women working were shocked that we were visiting on such a dreary day.  After explaining that we were there for a tasting we were told that the first three were complimentary (a nice surprise), you are also able to add 3 additional glasses for $5.00.  Since we were already in their showroom we decided to browse the glassware and gifts first before doing the tasting.

Unfortunately, I never got the name of the young woman who conducted our tasting, but she was very hospitable which I appreciated.  As she handed us the menu, I was very pleased with the selection of reds, whites, blushes, ports, and sparkling wines that we could choose to taste.  Most wineries have a pared down tasting menu but Fox Valley Winery pretty much lets you have the run of house including some of their premium wines.  Personally, I stick to reds with a dry profile but we were really here to help my sister find a wine or two that she likes, so we started with medium whites and worked our way drier.  Ultimately, she found something that she likes (White Niagara) and I found another local winery to join, a fun time.  We may have been there 45 minutes to an hour total.

I’ll be visiting them again soon and doing a full review, highlighting their selection, their vineyard, and talking more about their wine membership.  Be sure to leave me a comment below if you’d like me to cover anything in particular!

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