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  • Post published:May 11, 2015

Monday Munchies

The Best Desserts in and around the Chicago Suburbs

Hey there. So lately I’ve been tossing around the idea of doing a weekly post that highlights some of my favorite sweets around Chicagoland. There are two reasons that I’ve even considered doing these posts; reason 1, members of our Facebook page love desserts and reason 2, I am trying to reduce the amount of refined sugar that I eat on a daily basis so I figured the best way to do it is to torture the hell out of myself every Monday, until I’m apathetic about sweets. Now, before you begin thinking that I am completely giving up sweets, NOPE, I’m not, just reducing them and finding alternative goodies. So, here goes, our very first Monday Munchies post. Enjoy!

Recently, I had the pleasure of having, what I think will be the next big dessert craze and they are currently being made right here in the Chicago Suburbs! Cookie Pies, they take everything you love about cookies and brownies and put them together in a dessert that will blow you away. The standard sized Cookie Pies are four inches wide and 2 inches deep, massive! They come in a bunch of different flavors, my favorite is the caramel cookies and cream, imagine cookie dough, with crushed Oreo cookies mixed in, then baked with a whole Oreo on top and drizzled with caramel! It’s seriously Damnlicious.

Although I did consider eating all nine myself, I decided to share with husband and oldest kid. It took us about 5 days to eat 9 total Cookie Pies and my oldest kid and I love sweets, so trust me when I say these are massive and take some time to eat. The Cookie Pies were fantastic, but even better than the cookies themselves is the story behind them and their creator Joe Lamondi, a driven, passionate, entrepreneur that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know. You can read more about Joe and order your Cookie Pies on the innovative indulgences website. You can also find out about the coolest dessert bar/dessert table ever, Joe and his team will come to your event and set up shop, providing you and your guests with Cookie Pie sundaes!! Yes, cookie pies, ice cream, and toppings. I sooooooo hope my husband orders a dessert bar for my birthday! Hint, Hint…


What about you, what’s your favorite dessert? Let us know in the comments below and who knows, maybe they’ll end up on the site! 


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