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  • Post published:November 13, 2014
Phil Lempert
Phil Lempert

Phil has been a guest on both Oprah & the View, he’s also worked with the Today Show for more than 2 decades.  He is an Author, Speaker, and a Food Trend Expert.
Recently, Eat The Burbs editor Rachell spoke with Phil Lempert, the Supermarket Guru, via satellite to pick his brain about Trends for 2015.  Although Rachell was in the throes of a pretty rough cold, she was able to squawk just enough to ask Phil about how technology will shape Supermarket  and Food trends in 2015.  Phil also shared with us some of his predictions as it relates to snacking, food delivery, and other gems…Check it out.

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So, tell us, what food and supermarket trends do YOU predict for 2015? Leave a comment with your thoughts we’d love to hear’em.