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  • Post published:June 19, 2014

The Hubs and I had date night quite a few weeks ago…yaaaaaaaaaaaay, queue cheers. Date night doesn’t come often around these parts, so when we decided that the kids probably needed a break from us we asked a family member for help with babysitting and dashed out for a bite to eat.  The kids were ecstatic because our helpful family member loves to bake so they were in for a treat, lots of them in fact.

We landed at Neat Kitchen and Bar, Hell Yes! I found out about Neat Kitchen and Bar on our Facebook Page and figured it was the perfect night to give them a try. We walked in at about 8:30pm and were seated immediately, thankfully because I was starving. I asked our server for some recommendations on a good craft cider, and he told us about a few, decided to give Uncle Johns at try.

OK, so now I’m drinking and looking at the menu, unable to really decide what to get because it all sounded good. We ordered a bunch of stuff but our favorite dish was the friggin’ roasted brussels sprouts. Now I’m not currently a vegetarian but the roasted brussels sprouts are like a damn gateway drug, too bad they are seasonal.  I appreciate Neats focus on keeping things fresh, but I’d love it if the brussels sprouts were on the menu year round; selfish of me I know.   Everything we tried was damn good, the NeatBurger is topped with a Duck Egg, Cheddar, and Fried Shallots, how could someone not love it? All in all our experience at Neat was great, I’m so glad we landed there on Date night. We managed to take a few pics, but most of our time was spent munching and laughing.

We’ve committed to doing #datenight more often, so be sure to follow along on all social media @EatTheBurbs










Neat Kitchen + Bar

246 North Cass Avenue, Westmont, IL 60559

(630) 568-8688