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  • Post published:December 27, 2013

What can I say about ‘The Girl and the Goat’ that hasn’t already been said? The meal was phenomenal! Since the concept is small plates my honey and I ordered 9 plates including dessert. Mentioning dessert makes me want to review it first; we had the potato doughnuts. Seeing as though I love sweets so much that I can literally skip dinner all together and just get right down to the best part, I must say that I may be a bit partial in my dessert review. The potato doughnuts were fluffy, light, golden brown, and DELICIOUS!!!! I didn’t know what to expect from ‘potato doughnuts’ but after having those I have decided to promote the philosophy ‘LET THEM EAT POTATO!’ Now that my heart rate has sped up and my eyes are all glassy, I guess I had better tell you all about food as well. We had: 1. Tortone – A fabulous crusty bread served with the most fantastic tasting sweet onion butter on earth! 2. Fat Bread – A warm delicious artisan bread served with liver butter! It is beyond delicious. I ate most of it and looked at my honey crazy when he tried to get the last bit of butter. Needless to say, he almost lost some fingers. 🙂 3. Roasted Shishito Peppers – Simply delicious peppers, fire roasted and served in a bowl with a fantastic sauce. Pardon me for not making note of the name of the sauce. It is definitely worth remembering, however in all of my excitement, the name has escaped me. 4. Beet Salad – I’m a huge fan of beets both pickled and fresh. The beets and greens in this salad were so fresh and delicious that I almost ordered a second serving. This dish was off limits to my better half. 5. Skate – If you love whitefish and you are looking for a tasty dish then do yourself a favor and order the skate! 6. Scallops – Plump, fresh, seared sea scallops with the works! There was a little bit of goat meat on top that was tender and delicious. 7. Crispy Pig Face – A surprise in a patty. Crispy coated and fried gelatinous pork served on top of a chimichurri that will blow your mind, what can be better? 8. NY Strip Steak- Tender and seared to medium rare perfection NY Strip steak topped with some of the tastiest cucumbers you will ever have. The seafood dishes both included Grape Tomatoes that were so special that I needed to write about them separately. Even if you don’t normally eat tomatoes please try these. I would love to know who Stephanie’s tomato vendor is. If anyone knows, please give me a holler. If you are planning a special, casual, girl, or guys night out, check out THE GIRL AND THE GOAT!