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  • Post published:September 1, 2013

THE BEST HUMMUS IN CHICAGOLAND is at Mediterranean Oasis!! 

There, I said it….Anyone dare disagree?  (Let’s Rumble)

I went to pick up some grub and some groceries.  Grabbed some Chicken Shawarma, Chicken Kabob, Falafel, and the BEST HUMMUS IN CHICAGOLAND.  All of the food was seasoned extremely well and I found an awesome mix of nuts in the grocery aisles along with some of my favorite Mediterranean spices. 

The butcher had some gorgeous cuts of meat in the case, but I will have to come back to get some at a later date. 

The hummus was creamy, garlicky, and just plain frickin delicious.  My husband and I had a stare down, when the last spoonful was left, needless to say, I won!!!  He knows, a happy wife = a happy life.

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