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  • Post published:July 14, 2013

Decided to give Viceroy of India a try.

My sisters birthday was coming up and what better to do than to go out to dinner.  So my family turned to me to ask, where should we go?  Immediately I thought of Viceroy since it’s close to my sisters house AND I had heard such good things about it. 

Off to Viceroy we went, all 9 of us.  They happily accommodated our last minute large party and I was thrilled.  Eagerly anticipating the food, we began to order.  Some of us at the table, like myself, thoroughly enjoy Indian food and others were noobs so we decided to order a bunch of stuff to pass around family style, yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! 

Some of the stand outs at the table were the lamb chops, which I didn’t taste because my Dad ate ALL of them, the Veggie Biryani, Chicken Tikka Masala, and the Garlic Naan! 

Since my husband and I regularly eat Indian food, we had really high expectations which were met by a couple of the items.  I wanted to love more of them, but the temperature was lukewarm to cold on some of the things.  My samosa was fried beautifully crispy on the outside and cold in the middle.  There were a few other hiccups with the food, but again it’s because we regularly eat Indian that I even noticed.  

The staff sang Happy Birthday to my sister and it  made her night.  They also gave her a gift certificate for a return visit, which I believe she has returned to use already!

If you are considering it do yourself a favor and drop in to Viceroy of India and check out the food, and say hi to Samar, he is awesome at running the place!

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