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Schmacon Really is Beef’s Answer to Bacon

Many of our Facebook followers have asked, What is Schmacon and how can I get some? My usual answer is that it’s meaty deliciousness that you don’t want to miss out on, followed by copious amounts of lip licking and dramatic eye rolling. Schmaltz Deli and Crossroads Bar and Grill are my favorite restaurants to have Schmacon, but soon it’ll be available all over the place. Local entrepreneur and restaurateur Howard Bender has been working hard over the last few years to get Schmacon into retail stores so that the home cook can enjoy using it in all of their favorite recipes! Schmacon will be crazy big and Howard has launched a Kickstarter campaign today in order to fund the final phases of its launch in retail and grocery stores.  As an Eat The Burbs supporter I already know that you are passionate and always looking for opportunities to support local businesses.  Checkout the Kickstarter campaign and become a part of the Schmacon family.

Join the Family here —–> Schmacon Kickstarter 

Also check later this week for pics of some of the Schmacon dishes that I’ve been preparing! #whatruschmacon



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