When life gives you lemons…spit out the seeds.

So based on the title you probably know that this is going to a Debbie Downer post…If you’re looking for happiness and sunshine read a different post on my blog.

The last couple of weeks have sucked, took time away from blogging and social media to gather myself.

Here’s what bugged me the most:

  • Another driver T-boned my car
  • I had a 2 day long Migraine 
  • Missed my sons concert
I’ve had to tell myself a million times to look on the bright side but all is better now.  My car situation is being handled and I wasn’t injured, the migraine is gone, and my husband recorded the concert for me.  It’s back to the regular scheduled program for me!  You’ll probably see a bunch of posts this week. I’ve missed you guys. 
Thank you to those of you that sent private messages checking on me. 

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