Wild Garden® Hummus Snack Packs Review

Hummus, Yes Please!!


I love hummus, so when I was asked to try the Wild Garden® Snack Box To Go hummus snack packs, I was thrilled. Hummus on the go, I’m all for it.

I usually make hummus at home when my family is relaxing and having a movie night in…it’s one of those snacks that we really enjoy, so expectations are high.

Wild Garden® does a good job with the hummus to go line, I especially loved the texture of both the traditional and garlic hummus. Texture is pretty important when it comes to dips, and these were beautifully creamy, without the addition of artificial emulsifiers. I appreciate them focusing on creating an all-natural product that is gluten free and without preservatives. Wild Garden® also did a good job of pairing the two flavors of hummus (traditional/garlic) with three types of chips.

The Combos:

  • Traditional Hummus w/ Veggie Chips
  • Traditional Hummus w/ Sea Salt Quinoa Chips
  • Roasted Garlic Hummus w/ Multi-seed Chips (My Fave)

My favorite hummus was the Roasted Garlic Hummus, it was so full of flavor and I’m a garlic lover…just delicious. I kind of wish that it had been paired with the quinoa chips though.

I’ll definitely be picking up some of the roasted garlic hummus to have on hand the next time that I want hummus and don’t want to go the extra mile to make it myself.

The best part about these snack packs is that they aren’t full of chemicals and preservatives, so I feel good about enjoying them.

Did you know that Wild Garden® hummus was featured on and is locally owned by Ziyad Brothers Importing out of Cicero, Il?

Just another reason that I’d reach for this brand first.  

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